Nov 2015- Shan- I wanted to let you know that your speed dating was successful. Dave ----and I , who met at your June 2015 speed dating event, have been dating for 4 months now :) Thanks to you and! Cheers -----

September 2015
Shan I wanted to let you know I finally met a nice girl who I have been dating since your July 2015 speed dating event! We instantly hit it off! Thanks for doing this! James

......and I would like to give you an update. We met on January 9th at your speed dating event.

It was love at first sight for me. I noticed her when I walked it to the bar. She was at the bar with another guy and I thought to myself WOW she is gorgeous! I wondered if she was here for the Meetup as she was with another guy. I remembered I went to the rest room and had to pass her again, our eyes met again. The speed dating began and she was the third date that night. I didn't see that she was at her booth as she was hidden from my sight. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was a participant.

Well, almost three months later we are moving in together. She has met my sons and due to the distance I've shared pictures with my siblings back east. We have plans to fly to France to meet her family in her village. I am sure we will be married by years end.

We wanted to let you know of a success. We will keep you up to date on our new adventure.

Joe  May 2015

How We Met April 2013
He had met many women, but none had worked out. He showed up to the piano bar to give finding someone special one last chance, but with low expectations.
I had met many men, but I was so tired of the game. I showed up at the piano bar, for a meetup event Shan was running, to hang out with my best girlfriend.
The night was cruising along when, out of the entire dancing crowd (myself included), I saw him sitting alone, looking at his phone. I watched him for a moment, decided he must just be shy, and was too sexy to be sitting alone, not up partying with the rest of us! Fortunately, Shan was standing right next to him, so I sauntered over and chatted with my girl while I took a closer look and gathered my courage. After a minute, I took a nervous deep breath and jumped in with both feet and said “hello” to the shy guy (so I thought at the time) with the great smile. Shan, who had known both of us, graciously introduced us and helped break the ice, which expertly dispelled that awkward post-introduction tension.
We talked, danced, sang and drank together the rest of the night as the group hopped from the piano bar to another place down the street. And when the group moved on to a third venue, I had to leave for the night and he stayed with me. By this time, I knew he was different. We told each other our stories and listened to what the world had done to the other. We laughed and connected in an immediate way I had never before experienced.
At the end of the night, as he walked me to my car and we made small talk to stave off the freezing cold as well as saying goodbye, I looked at him and knew I had stumbled across something special. And I knew he felt the same when he held me and kissed me. That night led to the next night... the next night led to the next night... and the next night led to the last sixteen months, three weeks and two days.
On that cold November night, when we had both given up finding the honest, deep, loving companionship every human searches for, VIP and Shan gave us the chance we needed to find one another.
Thank you Shan and VIP!

April 2013
On a side note, Stacy, one of my matches from Speed dating back in August 2012, and I have been dating since. Thought I'd share a success story. =)


Note: This was the only speed dating event Vince has ever attended!

I wanted to go to speed dating but didn’t want to go alone, and it took a while to convince my girlfriend to go! It was the first time Shan ran the age group 50-62 and we were very excited about it! We met 17 men that night, and I had several matches, but that night, both my girlfriend and I, met a guy we’ve been dating ever since! Thanks Shan for running a speed dating event for “us older “folks!
Sue 2013

I had a crush on a guy for 4 months. all he wanted was to be friends and “sex “ buddies. I was always hopping for more.
Then the day came that he met a girl and moved in with her, (within a week of meeting her). I finally got the point and decided it was time to meet someone who wanted a relationship and to not short change myself this time!
I had 3 matches that night and have met a guy who we have hit it off ever sense! Just goes to show when your heart and your mind is open and you have no expectations then your ready!
Mary 2013

 Success Stories

"An open mind, open heart and "why-the-heck-not" attitude led us to the speed dating event, and ultimately to each other.

We're getting married this fall and will have quite

the story to tell our kids one day." 

The wedding was on September 29 !

Shan was a personal friend of mine who encouraged me to attend her next speed dating event. I was not immediately interestedbecause I had envisioned bad conversation with men who didn't fit the bill. After some persistent nudging on Shan's part, I decided to sign up last minute. While I was not all that excited going into it, I enjoyed many of the conversations with each of the 18 guys who attended, but only said yes to one - #15My fiance and I were each at a place in our lives where we were both ready to meet The One. He was a busy mid-30s working professional who had tried all the traditional routes of dating but to no avail. I, an early 30s female in pursuit of a second career, had given online dating a shot (to no avail) and was otherwise pretty much giving up on the idea that there was a suitable man out there for me.  An open mind, open heart and "why the heck not" attitude led us to the speed dating event, and ultimately to each other.