"That was a bunch of fun, thanks for organizing it and keeping everyone entertained. It was fun talking to Jim and Shan during the breaks and I felt comfortable. I will defently recommend this to my friends!"


 "It's a really nice atmosphere you create with the speed dating."  Walter 2013

"​I had a lot more fun then I was expecting!" Beth

 "This event was so much fun! I laughed so much my face hurt! Everyone was so nice and friendly...I hope I made a lot of new friends and would do it again in heart beat!" Barbara 

"This was my second time and I love it!" Marie

"This was a fun night out! Everyone was very friendly, open and confident.

I had a good time meeting all the ladies and enjoyed lots of interesting conversations!"    Cliff 

"I had more fun and it was way less stressful than I thought it would be.

You did a nice job Shan."

Brad 2013

"I just wanted to say how surprisingly fun that was. Thank you for emailing me my matches so quickly. I thought ---- was very fascinating and I can see us becoming good friends. " Kyle

What They are Saying About Speed Dating

"Hi Shan- it was a great experience last evening at ------. I was pleasantly surprised. So, thank you for organizing that. Now that I realize how relaxed the set up is I am hoping to attends more." Vanessa

​"I would like to thank all of the beautiful, intelligent ladies I met at this event. It was a pleasure meeting each one of you : ) Every one of you got me laughing about something or other... I may be addicted to speed dating now, lol! Does anyone know of a support group for speed dating junkies?" Dave 

"Easy, no worries dating. I enjoyed

meeting quite a few new people" Raymonda​

"Much better and smoother than the only other one I went to a few years ago in Philidelphia"